It’s been a month, Mom, and I miss you more than ever. Most of the time I’m ok, just going about the days trying to find normalcy again. But my heart has felt heavy for 4 days now and it won’t go away. I realized it has been a month since you left this world. I can’t believe it has gone by so fast.

We had a moving sale last weekend and it was so overwhelming. To see the house become more and more empty was surreal. Suddenly it hit me that this was the beginning of the end of that house for our family, it brought me to tears. And soon all I will have left of that place are memories. Memories mostly of you.

Everyone has been telling me how much I look like you, especially lately. I found this picture of you and I couldn’t deny it anymore. I actually had to double take because I swear it could have been me.


When you suddenly pop into my head I still feel sad. There are times when I’ll talk about you and I’ll be fine, happy even. But a lot of the time when I really picture your face in my mind and you’re vividly there I can still feel my heart ache. I miss you Mom. Continue to watch over all of us just like you always do.



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