A Memorial for my Mom Angelica Solomon

Note: Friends and Family, we’re making a memory book with photos of my mom and messages you leave in the guest book. If you would like to view the slide show from the memorial as well as leave a message on our guest book please click here. The site will be up until 2/28/16.

Yesterday, we came together to pay our last respects to a special woman.


That’s my mom…and yesterday I was reminded once again of how beautiful she was inside and out. I saw familiar faces, people that I haven’t seen in years, and people that I never met. They each had something wonderful to say about my mom. They had memories that they shared with me yesterday that I will cherish forever. I’ve written numerous posts about my mom on this blog, like this one here, this one here, this one, and most recently this one. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sharing my eulogy with a few hundred of her friends and family.

Welcome friends and family. Before I begin I would like to take this moment to thank you all on behalf of my little family. The support and love that everyone has shown us has been overwhelming. I am humbled and grateful for the help and generosity you have shown to us. I will never forget it, thank you.

If I could describe my mom in a couple words it would be Strong Hearted. She was my rock my entire life. I always sought her approval even when I didn’t want to show it. I remember that day when she told us that she had breast cancer. She sat us down, and told us. Almost as a matter of fact. I ran away and cried. Cancer. I was scared. But she reassured all of us that it would be okay. That we would be okay. She was strong for all of us. Even until the very end, her heart was literally strong. Even after her last breath, her heart still continued to beat. She’s the strongest person I know.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like my mom. I remember wearing her clothes and high heels and running around my childhood home. I remember wanting to cook scrambled eggs and pancakes for my family every Saturday morning. I remember her taking me to work and wanting to be her assistant. She would always give me a page of math problems and tell me that I was helping her get her work done. I remember her playing video games with me on the weekends. She was actually really good! She knew all the secrets to Super Mario Bros. She was probably the only mom on the block that could beat the game.

My mom had a big heart, she was loved by so many. Whenever I think about my mom she always had this grace about her. She was a classy woman – always well dressed, had a smile on her face, and was kind to everyone. Whether she had very much or very little, she would do anything she could to help her loved ones. I remember the family and friends that moved from the Philippines and lived with us as I was growing up. I remember so many of her clients that bought or sold their homes that became her dear friends. I remember all my friends throughout my life that she would cook for and take on vacations with us. They became her kids too. It didn’t matter who you were, to her you were family.

My mom taught me a lot of things. How to be a good wife, a hard worker, and a good friend to name a few. She always knew the way to people’s hearts, she was everyone’s friend, she was an excellent cook, she loved to host a good party, and she gave really good advice. I remember when she gave me my first piece of advice when I was younger. I had gotten into an argument with a friend at school and I came home crying and told her what had happened between us. She told me that I shouldn’t be angry any more. She said it’s more important to show someone love and compassion and that I should be kind no matter what. I think that was the best piece of advice she has ever given me. It was exactly how she lived her life every day no matter what she was going through.

Mom, I miss you so much. I wish you were still here with us. I wish you could see me and Charlie at work, I wish I could take you out to eat sushi, or sit and watch you play slots. I wish we could talk real estate like we used to, I wish you could meet your future grandchildren. But I know that The Lord called you to be with Him. And even though I may hurt now I know you’re in a better place. But He had different plans for you than I, and the sadness I feel will never surpass trust I have in Him. You taught me that, to have faith. I pray that I will be able to be as strong and beautiful as you were, Mom. Don’t allow me to forget your loving nature and your beautiful smile. I will miss you every single day, and please continue to watch over me and all of us here. Thank you for showing me what truly matters in life. You have taught me that love, kindness, and a smile goes a long way.

I love you, Mom. Thank you for everything.

I meant ever single word, Mom. I hope I made you proud. <3



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  1. Fe Mateo

    Kissa, I agree with how you described your Mom.She is my Ate Helen, whom I remember as kind and loving to us. Every time she went home to the Philippines, she never forgot that she has Tio Rudy and his family. Ate Helen, we pray that God rest your soul. We believe that you are already with HIM . Your loving memories will remain in our hearts forever. We love you.

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