Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, family, and friends. I hope you had some time to relax before the craziness that is the holidays.

Growing up, my family always got together for lunch/dinner. Yes, that’s right. Lunch/dinner. We’d have a potluck. Everyone would volunteer to bring something, my uncle would make the turkey, and as I got older I’d make pies. Last year, we changed it up a little bit and went to Vegas to visit my aunts, uncles, and cousins that live there. It was fun last year. I got to spend time with family, hang out with my cousins who I don’t get to see often enough..Charlie’s family even came too.

Our Thanksgiving was weird this year. It was supposed to be Vegas Thanksgiving Pt. II. We booked our flights to Vegas months ago. My parents had left for Vegas the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at 4:30 in the morning and we were going to fly in on Wednesday night. But unfortunately, Charlie got sick on Tuesday night. We were hoping he’d be well enough by the time of our flight to go but by the time Wednesday hit he was even worse.

We decided to cancel our flight last minute so that Charlie could rest. It was our first Thanksgiving away from family, both sides. I made some strawberry pie and my mom’s beef stroganoff from when I was a kid. I made Charlie a mud pie for when he felt better. Those dishes remind me of a simpler time and brought me some comfort.


Yes, I ate the pie by myself. #sorrynotsorry lol!


Charlie and I played some of our favorite old school Nintendo games. Charlie offered to play Bubble Bobble with me, my all time favorite game. Took us 2 days to beat it just cuz we were getting frustrated that we would die and have to start over haha! Playing the retro video games with Charlie was so much fun. We couldn’t stop screaming and laughing! Note: old school video games are hard! Most don’t have save points, especially the really old ones.



Even though it was an unexpected Thanksgiving it was still a great one. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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