It’s a Scary Time to be Alive

The cruelty of this world is a very scary thing.

The  events of the past  week have been heartbreaking to say the least. Watching events unfold on video, seeing photos, reading, and hearing people’s experiences puts me beside myself. I am beside myself to see the cruelty that people can unleash on other people. As a Christian woman I just pray for more love and peace in this world. I pray for those that have been hurt and those we have lost. I pray for the souls of those that are committing these crimes. May God do work in their hearts to help them see the evil they are unleashing on this world. May they see the sinfulness in their ways, repent for forgiveness, and change.

There is hate in this world, there is evil in this world.
There is sickness, there is pain, and there is death.

It’s a scary time to be alive. There is pain and suffering being imposed on the world, people are killing innocent people, our Earth is in danger, there is sickness that cannot be healed..I don’t mean to be a debbie downer but I’m scared. I’m scared of the future of our world. I’m scared for the future of humanity. Shootings, murders, and bombings of innocent people are more and more common on the news. There are wars upon wars that are being fought. You see the word “cancer” more and more often. You see people sick, in pain, and struggling to stay alive.

It breaks my heart.

But what can I do? I can pray, pray for our world. I can show others love and compassion, even though I don’t receive it back. I can have grace even in times that I want to succumb to evil. It’s not much and sometimes I’m disappointed by that. But if we all give a little, it becomes a lot. Every bit that I can give I will, that’s the only way we will start to see change.

Lord, please bless our world.

In your name I pray,


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