Walk with me, Talk with me – Fitness Journals

I’m so excited to announce that I’m starting a new blog series called “Walk with me, Talk with me.” It’s going to be a place where I’m just going to be completely me, talking to my friends about whatever pops into my mind. It could be about business, feelings, fitness, food, struggle, triumph…Who knows! Sometimes I’ll write, sometimes we’ll do video…Who knows! 😛

This week I’m going to be talking about something that I’ve created that is near and dear to my heart – our Food and Fitness Journals. I am so passionate about this particular product. It is something that I use every single day and put my entire heart and soul into. Draft after draft, millimeter and millimeters of adjustments, test after test, I wanted it to be 3 main things: well designed, easy to use/customize, and functional.

With that being said, I’ve created a little walk through of my journals. Talk a peek  🙂

CO Fitness Journals from Carissa Ortega on Vimeo.

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