4 Years in a Snap

Oh my goodness you guys. I can’t believe it has been 4 years since Charlie and I got married!

So much has changed since that day. Life is completely different. Looking at our photos and our wedding video brings me back to so many fond memories and emotions, but also a different time in our lives. Today I sit here and I appreciate those days and remember that in our lifetime we never stop growing or changing. No matter how much we want to stay the same we can’t, the world will continue to turn. Time will continue to pass us by if we let it, and I don’t intend to allow that to happen. I want to live each day with purpose, integrity, and hope.

Not only is it our wedding anniversary today, but I realized that our little online shop turned 1 year old today! CO was born from that day 4 years ago when we realized that we wanted our company to reflect who we are and how much we want to share happiness in others’ lives.

As a little celebratory token, we’re going to do free shipping on all orders today until Sunday, Oct. 11. Happy weekend everyone!


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