Kissa’s TV Guide No. 5 – Summer TV Wrap Up

Labor Day has come and gone so summer is officially over. Fall TV is on its way back into our lives (woot woot!) and I’ll soon be engulfed in my prime time TV list (which has grown thanks to our summer TV list). So, let’s dive in shall we? Summer TV, here we go!

  1. The 100 by The CW. starstarstarstarstar
    Charlie and I watched 2 seasons in 2 days. Needless to say. Go watch it. General summary – There was a world war 100 years before, what remains of the human race now lives in a space pod orbiting in the Earth. We find out that the pod (which they call The Ark) is starting to become uninhabitable. So they took 100 juvenile delinquents, sent them to Earth to see if it was time for the human race to return. Five Stars!
  2. Melissa and Joey from ABC Family. starstarstarstar
    I really love my sitcoms and family TV shows. This is a good one! General story – Melissa is a city councilwoman that takes her nephew and niece in to live with her. She’s looking for a nanny and hires Joey, who has no experience but desperately needs the job.
  3. Baby Daddy from ABC Family. starstarstar
    I was running out of things to watch this summer so I decided to watch Baby Daddy and it was pretty funny. General story – a bachelor who lives with his brother and best friend impregnates a girl. She doesn’t tell him and she leaves the baby on his doorstep.
  4. Sherlock on BBC. starstarstarstarstar
    EXCELLENT. This show is a definite must watch. I’m not going to say anything about this one except that it’s based on the Sherlock Holmes novels. And that is all.
  5. Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime starstarstarstar
    This show is quite the TV drama, great guilty pleasure dramedy. Kinda reminds me of a soap opera but with a better story line. I decided to start watching this on Netflix since this show is over. I love being able to watch shows from beginning to end.
  6. Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. starstarstarstar
    I was a huge fan of Boy Meets World growing up. And with my high expectations of this show I don’t hate it. As the show goes on I learn to love the new characters, the kids are cute and fun loving and seeing the old school characters is always great!

I’m so excited for fall TV to start! We’ll see which shows I’m obsessed with this upcoming season. 🙂



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