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Hi friends,

The Ortega household has been in a huge transition in the last few months. Hence my lack of blogging since the end of May. This summer has proved to be quite overwhelming and change is coming.

Charlie’s birthday just passed and my birthday was about a month ago. We had a very low-key birthday this year, which is exactly what we needed. Life has been in over drive for us and having some down time to rest and relax has been slim to none. Having our birthdays to just spend together and with family has been just what the doctor ordered. Charlie had a small dinner here at home with his parents and brothers while my mom threw a small family party for me at her house. Other than that we didn’t do much. It was grand.

Okay, enough stalling. Now time for the big deal news. At the beginning of August, Charlie took an official step to working for Ninong’s full time. YES! After 2 years of me working there solo he made the courage to take a leap and invest in our family business. I’m so proud of him and the exciting things that are in store for the business and us! We obviously have a lot of ups and downs ahead of us, we both know this is the right step for our family and business.

That being said, Charlie being at the shop full time (while doing freelance on the side) is opening up so many doors for CO. Once he is up to speed with operations and production I will have more time to focus on CO and really take the business to the next level. Without much effort in the last few months, we have fulfilled some orders for cards and tote bags. But I have some ideas in the works for new designs, products, and more exciting things! I’m so excited to share with you all and show you what I’m going to start working on.

If you ever want to follow our journey for both businesses you can follow Charlie on Ninong’s Instagram and you can follow me on Creative Cartel’s Instagram.



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