Kissa’s TV Guide No. 3 – Parks and Recreation

Note: This post may contain spoilers. Not many though, since I’ll be talking more about the show in general that any specific episodes. But still, read at your own risk!

My friends, last night I watched one of my favorite shows come to an end. Parks and Recration on NBC. My heart broke little by little as I watched the finale on Hulu. This show was funny and heartwarming, everything that a good ol’ sitcom should be. If you’ve never watched Parks and Rec (what is wrong with you?! jk. but really.) I suggest you start watching!


So the story goes, there’s this lady Leslie Knope that works on the Parks Department of this small town called Pawnee, Indiana. She loves her job, I mean LOVES it. The story is about her journey through the parks department in this unique aspect of a documentary style capture. SPOILER: We never get to see who is filming them which is kind of a bummer.

As the story goes along, because I think the first season starts off a bit slow, and you get to know the characters more you start to see the subtle funnies that the actors contribute to the characters. Season 2 really gets going and it just never really gets boring after that. At least I think so.

Sigh…so thank you Parks and Rec for your servitude to all of us. Because now I’m upset that it’s all over! 5 STARS!



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