2015 – The Journey

Ok I know I’m late. But happy new year! This year has been such a whirlwind for me so far but it has been so eventful and so great. After the holidays, Charlie and I flew off to paradise with some family to get some R&R. We’ve had quite a year last year and we definitely needed the rest and time away from home. Even though I was home sick it was just what the doctor ordered. Plus, how could you not appreciate these views.

Us in front of Diamond Head
Clear skies and palm trees by the pool
Sunset Beach in the North Shore
Ko’Olina by Aulani Resort

Right when we got back we had tickets with my parents to see Wicked at Pantages Theater. If you haven’t seen it yet, go!



But really, during all this time I have been letting God do some work on me. He’s given me time to really think about this upcoming year and what my focus should be. And this year, it’s all about the journey.


For years I’ve focused on the end result. I’ve always done what I needed to do so that the job gets done, so that my goal is achieved. But this year, God has been telling me that the journey is where we learn the most. The journey is what shapes us as people. And I know, with the Lord’s guidance, no matter where the journey will take me it’ll all be worth it.

I hope you’re all having a happy new year so far dear friends!

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