Kissa’s TV Guide No. 2 – Arrow Season Finale

Note: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the finale I suggest you watch first before you read. 🙂

Have you watched it?! OMG, what a way to end the season. The episode was completely captivating from the beginning. But hey, Arrow tends to do that to me with every episode. Honestly, this is my favorite show on TV right now. A little bit of humor, a good amount of action, crazy story plot, and a cute main character. 😉

If you’ve read my previous write up about Arrow you know I’ve been a fan. I binged watched the 1st and 2nd season (aka about 48 episodes) in less than a week. So, let’s recap this 3rd season a bit.

To me, this 3rd season had 3 main focuses: Sara’s murder, Oliver and Felicity’s love issues, and what happens to Thea post Queen Consolidated shut down.

There were a bit more distractions than I’m happy with in a show but this season has had a fair share of its good episodes. To sum it up Sara dies in the first episode. She is killed by an archer on a rooftop where she was meeting with Laurel a few moments before. She falls from the rooftop to her death where Laurel finds her. Since we’re on the topic of Laurel, she’s still set on avenging her sister’s death. She is keeping the truth from her father thinking that she’s protecting him.

Source: Green Arrow Wiki

While this is going on, Oliver and Felicity go back and forth with their relationship. At the beginning of the season the show teases us by trying to take Oliver and Felicity on a date that didn’t end well. Felicity’s new boss, Ray Palmer, butts in to their relationship creating an interesting love triangle there. Most Endearing Moment goes to the last “I love you” that Ollie said to Felicity before he left for the League of Assassins’ lair. Speaking of love, at the beginning of the season there was a few filler episodes with this girl who was crazy obsessed with The Arrow. After a few episodes The Arrow defeats her and gives her over to ARGUS where he thinks her “talents” can be utilized. She cray doe.

Source: Digital Spy

Thea is obviously a different person after the end of Season 2 when her mother dies and they lose everything. Thanks to the help of Malcom Merlyn, her biological father, she’s learned a few new…shall I say..skills? Considering how she was kind of a big part of the season finale I was surprised, now that I think about it, that she wasn’t a bigger part of the rest of the season.

A few other things going on throughout the season..They though Roy killed Sara but he didn’t. Malcom Merlyn is up to no good once again (he makes me SO mad! But we’ll get to that later). Digg asks Lyla to marry him, she says yes. And there was a really fun cross over episode with The Flash. I watch both shows and I thought they did the cross over extremely well! You got to watch it 🙂


So, this brings us to the season finale. Thanks to the cross over episode, Caitlin from The Flash, was able to go back to S.T.A.R. Labs to get the DNA off of the arrow that killed Sara. DNA matched Oliver Queen’s. dun Dun DUN. But no, it doesn’t end there. It’s not him that kills Sara, it’s THEA! DUN DUN DUN!!!!! She was drugged by Malcom to shoot her. UGH, I hate him already. Nyssa, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and Sara’s former suga’ mama, wants the killer brought to justice, aka dead. AND, The Arrow (being the slight dummy that he is) said that he wouldn’t kill Malcom Merlyn which also made The League pretty pissed. If you didn’t know (which you should!), Merlyn is not a friend of The League.  So, Nyssa gives Oliver 48 hours to find Sara’s killer or they would start killing 50 people every hour until the killer was brought forward. Merlyn tells Oliver that he can have a trial by combat so that Thea would not have to be sacrificed. So Ollie goes to atone for Merlyn’s stupidity because Merlyn is too chicken to do it himself (UGH, goes to show that he never loved Thea, I thought he might have had a soft spot for her. All he wanted was someone to kill Ra’s al Ghul and he knew that Thea was the perfect bait to get Oliver to do it! Grrrrr..). Oliver realizes that his friend from Hong Kong is now part of the league and is a witness to their battle. Upon trial by combat, the fight was pretty 1-sided and Oliver is “knifed” and kicked off the cliff. THE END.

OMG, what a way to end the season. I think his Japanese buddy will some how save him, don’t know how. But he will. I’m curious to see how the next season will play out since Oliver was basically dead. Obviously, I was devastated with the ending. I yelled out a big “NOOOOOOOOOOO” at the end. But we all know that The Arrow can’t least..not now. After all, he has Season 4 to start 😛 Which comes back at the end of January. January 21st can’t come soon enough!

Five stars all around!










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