Journey To Wholesale No. 1


I’ve decided that to keep myself accountable and post my journey to taking my products to the wholesale market. I’ve been wanting to go wholesale for some time now, but for whatever reason I was afraid. Wholesale is unchartered territory for me and I had no idea where to start.

Then enters Katie of Kelp Designs and Tradeshow Bootcamp. I had known about TSBC for some time and finally took the plunge this year to go. I’d been putting it off for so long – my fears and feelings of being so green in the stationery industry really put weight on making a decision to take my business to the next level. But this year I knew I was ready. I knew that if there was a time to invest in myself and my business it would be now. So I jumped in, and walked away from Paper Camp feeling informed and enlightened.

It’s funny because I had different plans for myself going into Paper Camp. I thought I was going to attend Paper Camp in September of 2014 and exhibit at NSS in May of 2015 and BOOM – success. But after everything I learned there I changed my plans and do what’s right for me and my business. I decided that NSS can wait until 2016 (or when I’m ready) and until then, my focus will be getting my feet wet in the wholesale industry.

So what are my current goals, you ask?

  1. Get my ducks in a row
    1. Inventory all my cards and reorder as needed
    2. Organize my office for  abetter work environment
    3. Streamline my process
  2. Get my catalog together

I’m so excited to share my journey here. Til next time, friends!

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