Starting Again

Hi everyone!

It’s been hot as H.E.L.L. in Los Angeles. So I’ve been doing my best to stay as cool as possible so I can stay productive. The heat just makes me want to sit on the couch, drink a cold glass of iced tea, and veg. With less than 2 weeks left to Unique LA, I have no time to veg!

As you guys know, I recently took down our online shop in preparation for our product revamp. I’ve been taking the past few months to reflect and really think about my brand, my products, and how I want to make an impact using this company. With our newly established mission to evoke and inspire emotion and memories through our products, I have let that be the driving force when I design. I really want to make you laugh, smile, tear up, or feel inspired when you buy one of our products!

It’s definitely not an easy task to design for a mission. I can’t just draw out what is in my head and use it like I used to. It’s got to have purpose. My designs need to fulfill a destiny (or at least that’s how I like to think of it). And though it’s not easy, it’s much more rewarding. A million times more rewarding!

Starting again hasn’t been easy. I thought I’d be able to just shut down and reopen in a couple months. But this is definitely a longer process than I ever imagined. And while my little business is slowly growing and changing, I’m changing. I’m becoming more confident in my ability, I believe in my business model and have faith in God’s plan for us.

I can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for our first release! 🙂

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