I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and though I have a fancy camera a lot of times taking it out with me is just a hassle. It’s so big and bulky and doesn’t fit into my pocket or purse. The handiest camera I have (my iPhone camera) ends up getting used the most since I have it on hand and with me all the time.

So I decided to step up my game a bit. I went onto Amazon and bought a clip on camera lens

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and a GorillaPod by Joby.

I decided to go with a clip on lens for a few reasons:

  1. I can use it for the front and back camera.
  2. I can use it on my iPad (not that I ever really take photos with it) if I wanted to
  3. Charlie or any of my friends can use it for their phones too. Sharing is caring after all 🙂


So I went with the triple threat: the set with the fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens. Here are a few selfies of me to compare. Here’s the selfie with no attached camera.


Here’s with the fish eye lens:




And here’s the wide angle.


For the tripod I decided to go with the GorillaPod with the smart phone attachment. I haven’t used the tripod yet but I’m looking forward to it!

Photo Credit: GorillaPod by Joby

I’m really excited to take my iPhone photos to the next level with these new bad boys! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday all!

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