Falling Behind

You know when you have that feeling? That feeling of knowing your to-do list in your head and knowing that it’s just growing and growing faster than you can tackle each thing?

Yeup, that’s me right now. I’m so behind on my bookkeeping. I’m behind on my production schedule. Last Wednesday was the first time since January that I missed my Monday/Wednesday/Friday blog schedule. I actually missed last Friday’s post but made up for it by posting my Grilled Shrimp recipe on Saturday. I also made up for my Monday post with my 10 Year post. I was actually supposed to post on Thursday, but I didn’t. And I’m not trying to make it up another day. I’m falling behind.


You see, normally I would. I would allow that overwhelming feeling to encompass me. I would feel guilt that I didn’t get to it and force myself to make up for “lost time.” But now, I’m saying no. I’m saying no to my own mind telling me that I should have worked on Monday and Tuesday instead of spending quality time with my husband. I’m saying no to my mind giving me the guilt trip of not staying on schedule. I’m saying yes to my heart being full and happy. I’m saying yes to falling behind so that I can love more; so that I can live more. And it feels good!

Have a fabulous Friday my friends. If you’re not exactly where you hoped you’d be today it’s ok. Trust that it’s for a reason!

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