10 Things about Life No. 2



I had an enlightening, feel good conversation with one of my dear friends last night. This amazing woman has been a true light in

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my life and I value her relationship so much! She’s just one of those friends where we can talk about life and just babble on and on and on. It’s hard to find relationships like these, where

you can be unabashedly yourself with no judgement attached. It’s a diamond in the rough and my friends that can let me be me are ones that I hold very closely to my heart. I know God just places them in our lives because He truly feels like we deserve a good friend.

During our conversation she reminded me a few things about life.

  1. Life isn’t easy because we choose to make it hard. Our wants and desires are always what we don’t have, but we mustn’t forget that what we have in the present is pretty damn amazing.
  2. Relationships are beautiful and are meant to help you grow and become a better you. Don’t take your relationships for granted and treat your relationships with respect.
  3. There’s something beautiful about letting go. That freeing feeling of a weight being lifted off your shoulders and a burden being released from your consciousness is such a relief.
  4. There’s a difference between letting go and giving up. Just because you let it go doesn’t mean you’re giving up on something.
  5. Sometimes an impromptu plan can make your day much better. Be spontaneous sometimes, it’s fun!
  6. The truth is 1 tiny thing can ruin your day, but try not to let it take over. Feel the hurt, the anger, the pain, and then move on and be positive.
  7. Your job does not define you. Don’t let it be what your life is centered around. Take care of your faith, family, friends, and yourself before your job.
  8. Always do your best and strive to be better. But remember that that’s all you can do, try.
  9. In your own time, you will learn things along the way in life that will feel like a light bulb turned on in your mind. Things that you struggle with will make sense all of a sudden. Appreciate and revel in those “AH-HA!” moments.
  10. Friends and family are SO important. Without a support system and connections with others, you are nothing.

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