The Playbook with Emily Ley

Last week I had the pleasure of joining about 100 entrepreneurs for Emily Ley”s Playbook Webinar.

Photo Credit: Shop Coaching Webinar with Emily Ley

Like many women entrepreneurs out there, I”ve admired and looked up to Emily for a long time. Her story has drawn me to her. Not because her path is exactly what I want for myself but more because she has had an amazing journey as a business owner, she was herself and wasn”t afraid to be.

For years, I had issues with confidence and continued to search for others that had it. I wanted to be like them and have their authenticity. I sat behind the safety of my computer screen and read about their stories. Instead of carving my own way, I was wishing I had the lifestyle of others. Thanks to Emily and some amazing women, I”ve started to realize that I have my own purpose on this Earth and what I should be doing is creating my own path. The road less traveled, right? 🙂

When Emily announced the webinar on Instagram, I immediately signed up. I knew that there was so much that I could learn from her and the others that would be joining the webinar. When it was over, I was pumped, ready to create my own story, and work for the life I”ve always wanted. I sit here today with a lot of things that I”m planning to do for my career. I”m so excited to take this journey and share it here on this blog!

If Emily decides to do

another webinar, I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in owning their own online shop! The best thing anyone can do is continue to learn about themselves and their craft. Now let”s go out there and be great! 🙂

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