Virtual Bible Study

Wow friends. I’m utterly transformed. As you know from my last post I’ve been feeling like I’ve been defeated lately. Though I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed I’ve been finding the little victories to help me stay positive and thankful. One major factor in my current happiness is thanks to something my dear friends and I started a few weeks ago – Virtual Bible Study.

I have so much gratitude for finding my faith and spirituality when I did. I began my journey back to faith in 2007. It has been a long journey and I feel it has just begun. I’ve come, strayed away, and come back over and over again. But now I don’t ever want to leave, I never want to stray away again. Though life has been a roller coaster, my faith has kept me strong and grounded no matter what the circumstance. It has enriched every aspect of my life.

2 Fridays ago, my friends and I started our first virtual bible study. Those that are able to attend in person come to our house, and those that are unable to come in person join via Google Hangout. We’ve gone through 2 bible studies and quite honestly, I look forward to the next one the moment it’s over. Being able to study the word with my friends have not only enriched my life in a spiritual way but have brought me closer to them in a way we have never bonded before. It’s so refreshing and liberating.

Thanks to this bible study, my week is full of positivity, optimism, and the Word. They’ve inspired me to push the boundaries of my relationship with Christ in ways that I never thought I could do. They’ve challenged me to grow closer to the Lord, learn and revisit things that have expended my faith, and share their knowledge to help me see different views that I never would have thought of before.

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