The Pressure of Progress

I tend to be a daydreamer. I can’t help but think about about my goals, where my goals could lead me, how it could change my life. I always think about progress. Always. The thought about tomorrow is something that goes through my mind constantly, I guess I just can’t help it. Lala land is where I belong.

But lately, I’ve been learning to appreciate the present. What today has to offer and how today is the first day of the rest

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of my life because tomorrow might never come. It hasn’t been easy for this daydreamer but I’ve tried to exercise my mind to think this way. I started using the Gratitude Journal app and it has been helping me appreciate every day and live in the moment, live for today.


Sometimes, the pressure of making progress gets to me. I always tell myself that staying still is not a good thing and that I need to be constantly changing and evolving. And while that may be true, I also need to remind myself that sometimes I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Enjoy it. Let’s live for today, friends!

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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