Fine Tuning your Business

Lately, I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking about where I want to be and how that reflects in my business model. The goal of self-employment and financial independence is just a reach away. And with this goal’s end in sight, I can’t help but think what more can I do to get there?

It’s funny because as human beings, we tend to never be content with our current situation. For example, if you are looking for a job –> you find one. Great! A few months later, you want a raise –> you get one. Awesome! After that raise, you want a promotion –> you work hard and get promoted. Good work! While this isn’t a bad thing, let’s ask ourselves this question, “How long were we happy with our situation before we wanted more?” Probably not very long. In fact, the moment I achieved my goals I celebrated with maybe a dinner and then planned my next steps of world domination on the car ride home. Uh oh.

I realized this concept when I was watching a TED Talk and reflected on my own personal life. I realized I kept trying to push too hard and move forward too quickly. It helped conceptualize the idea that I don’t let my current status marinate long enough for any success to be had and that’s hurting my brand. This self-realization led me to my first sentence of this post: where am I and how does that reflect my business model?

Since our brand is a reflection of ourselves, our products and services associated with our brand should continue to evolve just as our lives do. And for me, that step is to scale back. When I made this conscious decision to do so, I realized what I was missing out on: happiness. Yes, happiness my friends. So for the

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next few months, I’m going to continue to fine-tune my business and work toward my main goal: to be happy.

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