My App Faves of the Month

With this new year and all the change that’s happening, I’ve really been relying on technology to help keep me organized. I’ve decided to share some of my top 4 multi-tasking helpers that keep me from pulling my hair out from all the overwhelming stress!

Apple’s Calendar App

Apple’s Calendar App. The best part? Syncing with my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. No matter what device, my schedule is at a glance.

Mailbox App

Mailbox App. It helps me keep my inbox organized. I have so many incoming emails throughout the day and it’s so hard to keep up! But this helps me get that inbox to zero while making sure I get back to those important emails in a timely fashion.

Etsy App

The Etsy App. I love that I can manage my Etsy store on the go. It notifies me as soon as I get an order with a nice little cha-ching! 

Trello App

Trello. Looking for an easy way to organize projects, events, orders…you name it!? Trello has been such a great app for me. I’ve used it to plan events, to manage orders, and collaborate with colleagues! Not only that, but it’s free! You can also get Trello Gold and Trello for Business at a very affordable price.

The bottom line though, these apps are no good unless you really use them. Just like anything else, you can’t rely on these things to do the work for you. Are you going to take time and put in your appointments in your calendar? Siri can’t remind you about them unless they’re in there. Are you going to manage your projects so you don’t forget to ship out that order? It’s all up to you.

Happy organizing!

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