Happy New Year

Happy new year, Friends! Yeah I know, I’m late. But better late than never right?!

As you all know, the last year of 2013 was quite rough for me and my little family. But that didn’t keep me from working hard and setting myself up for a successful 2014!

My Christmas was what I’d call unconventional this year. Normally, we celebrate Christmas Eve with my side of the family and Christmas Day with Charlie’s. But since my parents were in the Philippines until the 24th we kinda pulled an old switcheroo.

Charlie and I went with some family to Disneyland on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun. It was great to spend time with family and enjoy the beautiful lights and the Disney spirit during the holidays!



On Christmas Day, we went to church with my parents and then went to Valley View Casino for their lobster buffet. It was FREE! YES peeps, I said it. F.R.E.E. You just need to sign up for their players club and your first time is on them! 🙂 Can’t get a better deal than that!


For New Year’s, we spent the last few hours of the 31st with my family and then rang in the new year at home in bed. It felt like the perfect way to end this exhausting year and start anew for 2014. Charlie and I got our rest since it was back to work at Ninong’s on January 1st. We spent the 1st and 2nd renovating the front of the shop so that we’d be ready for the public on Friday, the 3rd. It was really hard work but so rewarding. We’ve gotten so many compliments on the new set up!


Around this time of year you usually see posts about setting goals for the upcoming year. But I knew in my heart for a while that my main focus would be 1 thing this year: God. My life for 2014 will focus around Him and what He is calling me to do. 2014 will be His year, and in turn, will be our year as well. Wherever the Lord will take us is where we will go!

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