Apple Event Oct. 22 – The iPad Air Keynote

Yesterday’s Apple event was a much anticipated event for CO. Mostly cuz Charlie is ready for a new iPad. I originally got him an iPad 2 for his Groom’s Gift for our wedding back in 2011. Since then the 2 have been practically inseparable. He’s ready for an iPad Mini . The moment I told him they announced the Mini now has retina and the A7 chip, he knew. It was love at first sight. It was exactly what he wanted to hear. He’d been waiting for the Mini’s to get those features before he made his new investment. Charlie and I are very particular in a sense that our phone and tablet should match so I’m guessing Charlie will opt for the Space Gray/Black version.

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I was telling myself that I didn’t need a new iPad. I could continue to use my iPad 2 cuz hey! It still works great! But then…hello iPad Air.

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Hubba hubba! I’m in love. With all the hardware updates, it’s still 20% slimmer and only weighs 1 lb! Perfect fit for my purse 🙂

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We’re also in the market for a new Macbook. I’m looking for something more compact and mobile that I can take to Ninong’s and has the processing power I need to still be able to do my design work. Looks like we’ll be making a purchase after November! 🙂

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