Debt Free is the Way to be!

I’m proud to say, dear friends, that this past weekend was a HUGE leap into paying

off my debt. To date, I went from over $10,000 in debt to only about $1500. I know, that number there is scary. I couldn’t believe that I allowed it to get that bad, especially when I’m such an obsessor over numbers.

It all started when I started my own business. I had a full time job on top of working on my business after hours. After about a year of doing that, my business had become steady enough for me to take the leap and venture into the world of self employment. Problem #1: I was 20 and didn’t know enough about finance to really understand what I needed vs what I wanted. Problem #2: I took on too much. I spread myself way too thin (and I still do this today). Because of this, my business suffered. I didn’t dedicate as much time to grow it because I didn’t have the time. Problem #3: Instead of investing into my business I was using credit to pay for things like gas and food. I should have been more responsible about setting up a budget for myself instead of spending and splurging so much. I should’ve lived within my means so that I can use the credit to grow instead of stay afloat.

But hey! Lesson learned. Those experiences that I had helped shape me into the person I am today. So here I am, sitting here and telling you not to repeat my mistakes. Live within your means. Work hard for a life that will make you happy. Don’t worry about how much money you want to make, with hard work and dedication that will come. 🙂

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