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I have this emotional attachment to everything, people and inanimate objects. Certain people and certain things just spark memories and remind me of a certain time in my life. And my Rally Blue Impreza WRX is one of those inanimate objects that I’m really attached to. I had posters of the car up on my wall and everything while I was growing up. I don’t know if I ever told the story of the day I got it.

It was 2003, my senior year of high school. I was driving a 1984 Toyota Corolla FX that was passed down from my aunt, to my uncle, then to me. It looked really similar to this:

I was driving the Corolla FX somewhere and got into a small accident on my way to a dance rehearsal. A car hit me from behind on a small neighborhood street. Mind you, I didn’t like this car very much. Actually, I hated driving this car. So when my dad told me it would be in the shop for a while to be repaired I didn’t really mind except for the fact that I didn’t have another car to drive – and at that time I loved to drive everywhere. You know, that sixteen-year-old-just-got-her-driver’s-license syndrome. My parents had to take me everywhere, which actually wasn’t too bad until one day. I had an after school job at a tutoring company and my mom promised me she’d pick me up at 7, which is when the place closed. By the time 7:30 hit, all the students and my coworkers had gone, the lights were turned off, and I was sitting in the dark office parking lot alone. I wasn’t very happy.

I called my mom every 5 minutes asking where she was while getting more and more upset every time she said “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” and never showed. As I was about to call my mom again, a car turned into the parking lot and started driving toward me slowly. I started freaking out but didn’t want to make a scene so I decided to call my mom just in case I was in trouble. Who knows, it could have been a kidnapper! But before my mom could pick up the phone the car stopped in front of me and the people inside rolled down the window and said, “Do you want a ride?” My jaw dropped when I realized it was my mom and dad in the car and they were driving this:


It was a Subaru WRX! MY WRX! The car up on my wall was right in front of me with my parents sitting inside. I was completely speechless!

My car and I have been through a lot. 10 years of teenage and 20-something year old drama. 10 years of good times with friends and family. My dad drove me to my wedding in this car. I sat and waited in the back seat until he walked me down the aisle.


Last week, Charlie and I went down to a Subaru dealership. We’ve

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been talking for a while about getting a new car. Because of circumstances, gas mileage, and me having to put 91 in the gas tank of the WRX we felt like it would be a great time for change. Within the span of 3 months, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law both bought cars from Dave from Timmon’s Subaru in Long Beach. So on one of my days off we decided to go down there for a test drive. Up until this point, we had been going back and forth about getting other cars but I knew that if we could afford it I’d want to drive a Subaru again. When we got there, Dave had us test drive the Impreza and I knew it was the car I wanted. After walking through their inventory we decided on this bad boy:



There’s our 2013 Dark Gray Metallic Subaru Impreza. And here’s me with Dave standing in front of the reason we met 🙂


I dropped off my WRX to my dad’s last Thursday. At least he’ll be able to have it and I can always ask to borrow it if I ever feel like it. 😉 Even though I was still sad about having to give up my WRX I knew that this Impreza meant a lot of things – a much-needed change, a fresh start, and a new beginning. Woohoo! New car!!! 😀


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  1. Jenn

    Keep up the great work, Kissa! Looks great!!

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