The past few weeks have been…what’s the right word for it…different. It hasn”t been bad, actually things are going pretty well lately. And I”m so grateful.

Normally, I”ll find myself in a slump and need change to spice things up a bit. I”ll get a drastic hair cut, I”ll color my hair, I”ll change the way I dress..those were big enough changes at times. Other times I”ll change jobs, rearrange my office or living room, or

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buy new furniture. I”d usually go out in search for change because I felt like I needed it.

But lately, I”ve been sensing a shift in a lot of aspects in my life. And it”s not voluntary. I”m not yet ready to really dive into those things yet, partially because I don”t really know how to put into words what”s really been going on in my head. All I know is that change is happening within me, and as scary as it may be to have to change I”m actually kinda ready for it.



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