Seattle Recap

A few months ago, I randomly text Charlie and my brothers-in-law and asked if they wanted to go on a mini vacay. On a whim, we all decided to go to Seattle for a weekend trip. I was excited to go. I haven’t been to Seattle in about 20 years! And to go with my family that’s never been made this trip even more special.

Charlie and I had to get up really early on Friday. Ok, not really early. But early enough. I’m not much of a morning person even though I try to be. The earliest I’ll get up and be pleasant is 8:00 lol. We arrived around lunch time and my cousin, Jon, picked us up.


First stop was what else but food. He took us to a place called Lunchbox Laboratory. Charlie and I split their lamb burger and tater tots. OMG – Yum!


We checked into our hotel and hung out for a bit before heading out to see the Space Needle. We took a short monorail ride there and got to walk around and explore for a bit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire weekend! I heard we brought the sunny weather from LA. 🙂




Next up – the Space Needle. I didn’t think I’d be as nervous as I was. But the moment the elevator started going up and seeing that view. My stomach fell to the floor! The views were absolutely gorgeous though!



Every time these guys would hang their phones over the edge gave me butterflies in my stomach! I had to walk away some times just so the butterflies would go away haha!


This picture was one of my favorites. I had to zoom in a little so excuse the picture quality. But that “floating mountain” as we called it was such a magical thing to see from atop of the Space Needle. Mt. Rainier was such a sight to see.





The next day we did more sight seeing. Pike Market, the gum wall (eww), the original Starbucks…if you love cheese go visit Beecher’s! Delicious!



We went to go visit UW and got to see the gorgeous campus and this architectural gem.


We also headed to Gasworks Park. What a gorgeous view of the city. It was a beautiful day and there were tons of people picnic’ing, throwing frisbees, and hanging out.gasworks_park_view2


Everyone was recommending that we visit Dick’s Hamburgers while we were there, and it did NOT disappoint!


We got to have dinner with my aunt and uncle that live a few minutes away from the city. I hadn’t been to their house since I was 8 years old. They made us a home cooked meal – it was delicious! We got to do a little shopping, visited Kerry Park to see the city lights at night, and played some games at Gameworks across the street from our hotel. The next day we had brunch at Ivar’s. OMG, if you go to Seattle I definitely recommend their brunch!!!

What an awesome trip. It was good to just hang out, have no agenda, and explore a new city. Can’t wait to visit again! 🙂



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