Unique LA Spring 2013 Show

OMG you guys. What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. Between my day job, prepping for Unique LA, invite orders, and finding time to live, it’s been crazy to say the least. We were so honored to be able to sell our products at Unique LA for a 2nd time. It was amazing. The vibe at this show is just so different. It’s positive, uplifting, and fun! The shoppers are great, the Unique Team is hospitable, and the vendors are friendly. We did great at this show, more than what we would have imagined! I wish I had more of my own photos to share, but my images got erased so here is my one and only photo from the show that I salvaged from my Instagram account. co-unique-la-boothWe made some improvements to our booth this time. We got a more sturdy base to put some weight to the bottom and created some packaging for the phone cases to give them a nice, clean white backdrop. We made some great friends, Thomas from Mimot Studio was one of our neighbors from the day and the guys from Paddington which were a few rows down.

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