Our DIY Lightbox for Product Photos

I’ve been wanting to improve the quality of our product photos for a long time. I’ve learned a lot about what angles to use to really showcase the beauty of our cases, but the lighting was always an issue. If it’s too early, the light is too bright. If it’s too late, there isn’t enough light. BAH!

On Sunday, Charlie was able to buy all my supplies and make me a light box. We followed this tutorial from Beautzine and it turned out great! With the Super Bowl in the background he started our quick 45 minute project.

Charlie started by cutting the boards in half and taping them together.


Then he cut the top as specified in the tutorial and we put the butcher paper in, plugged in the lights, and voila! We have a light box! Here’s a shot of it in action.


Our box produced this photo below (taken with an iPhone). Our fancy camera looks even better!



Yay, I could not be happier! Now we can shoot photos whenever we want!

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