Our Vegas Getaway

Let’s just say that I was looking forward to this weekend. It was our first vacation together for 2013. I was excited to get away from LA, get away from thinking about work, and just have a good time. But nooooo, my body wouldn’t let me do that would it. NOPE.

The day before we left I started feeling weird but I just thought it was the aftermath of the sickness I had just a week ago. By the time we were leaving for the airport I was getting worse and worse at such a fast rate. When we touched down in Vegas I started the cold sweats, was far into the sniffles, and starting growing a temperature. What a great way to start off the weekend right? Instead of celebrating with my brother-in-law, my hubby, and our friends I was sleeping in our hotel room. I was completely KO’d for the first 2 days. Here’s me trying to look excited and happy lol!


With Charlie’s brothers talking about how good the oysters were in SF I just HAD to have some. So Charlie took me to Oyster Bay at the hotel. Definitely nothing like say….Hog Island but it satisfied  my craving. I was happy 🙂



Though I forced myself to go out on Saturday night I’m glad I did. I just would have felt like it was a complete waste to not at least try to enjoy myself one of the nights. So off we went into the night. We had dinner at the new buffet at Caesar’s Place, Bacchanal. One word: YUM. Then we headed over to Cheateau Night Club at the Paris Hotel. I quickly learned my body wasn’t having any alcohol but nonetheless the company was great 🙂


The end of the trip got better and better, of course. The less sick I felt the more fun I had. I was in the mood to walk around more (and in Vegas you know you better be willing to go a lot of that lol).





All-in-all, good trip! Didn’t get to party as much as I wanted to, but it was kinda what I needed. I’m just glad to be back home! Here’s a shot I took from the plane of Downtown LA.


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