2013 Goals

2012 – Man what a roller coaster!

Usually by this time of the year I’m itching for the new year to come along and I’m excited for a fresh new start. But for some reason I’m not this year. I want to cling on to what time I have left in 2012 and cherish it for as long as I can. Not quite sure why, but I’m going with it. BUT I can’t deny that I need to think about the future so here are my goals for 2013.

  1. Focus on what matters: the Lord, Charlie, and myself. For years I keep telling myself that I need to put myself first so I can in turn do more for others, but this year I mean it. I have seen first hand how fragile life is. It’s a blessed thing to be alive so I’m going to seize every moment. I’m going to let God lead the way. And I’m going to say no so I can say yes to the really important things.
  2. Narrow my focus. You know me, I’m all over the place. As time is going on I come to realize more and more that time, experience, and self-reflection have helped me to really figure out what I want out of life. This upcoming year I’m going to really work hard at what I have on my plate and do the things I said I was going to do but “never got around to it.”
  3. Give myself a day off. “It can wait until tomorrow.” I’ve gotten a lot better a getting things done instead of half done. Because of the nature of my business I may not be able to take the same day off every week but I’ll definitely give myself a day to rest and relax and NOT worry about work.
  4. Take more pictures. After Ray and my Lolo passed away I realized that I wish I had more photos and video of them. So, I am enrolling myself in taking at least 1 photo a day. I’m going to challenge myself to blog my life in photos every week and put them in an album at the end of the year!

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