Dreams and Realities – Installment No. 3

It’s been a while since we’ve done a dreamer’s post. Let’s catch up shall we?

  • Take some personal time for myself to just relax
  • Enjoy the holidays with my closest friends and family
  • Renovate our backyard
  • Have a design studio in the back of our house

  • Taking some personal time for myself is hard, but isn’t at the same time. I know, doesn’t make sense. I’ve had to take personal time in spurts instead of taking a whole day off which I thought could work for me. But it can’t. Not having a day off to rest and recharge is hard. So I’ve got to find some balance in my schedule and really give myself a day off. 2013 – I’m looking at you!
  • I always love this time of year. Always. But this year has a little bit of lack luster for me. I guess just missing Ray and my grandpa makes it hard, though I’m still trying to make the most of it and be thankful to have another Christmas to celebrate with my loved ones. But arrgh, honestly! Screw trying to be pleasant. This is the realities section right? Cancer SUCKS, death SUCKS – I hate it all. I hate that I have to just rekindle memories of them both in my head. I hate that I can’t call them whenever I want to talk. I hate that both of them had to suffer and fight for their lives. 2 people that are most deserving of life are fighting for it?! I just don’t see how that makes any sense. Ok, rant over. I guess there are just somethings that I will never understand or be able to wrap my head around. I’m just praying to the Lord for guidance and peace. Sorry for the awkward  and random slew of negativity. Onward we go..
  • So Charlie is beginning to renovate our backyard! OMG I’m so excited about this. We’ve been saving and trying to do this ever since we moved to our house almost 2 years ago. More on that later 🙂
  • Charlie also proposed building a design studio/office for me in the back of our house. I figure hey why not! I’ve always dreamed of my company having an office and I’ve always wanted to work from home so that would be perfect!

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