My Lolo – An Amazing Man

I’m not going to sit here and convince you how great my grandpa was. It goes without saying. I’m not going to tell you about how important family was to him, how he had an out-of-this-world work ethic, how he continually gave back selflessly to his local community, and how he was a God fearing man who put the Lord first every time. Let’s just say, the world could use more men like him.

On Sunday, Charlie and I were at the Patchwork show in Culver City. It was a great first show for us! As the show was nearing it’s end I got a call from my dad. I thought he was going to ask me to do something for him or ask me what I was doing because he was bored. But when I picked up and as he started talking to me something didn’t feel right. And I was right, after a little bit of small talk my dad told me that my Lolo (Filipino for grandpa) passed away about an hour before he called and he had to go home to the Philippines with his brother and sisters to tend to my Lola and take care of things. I just completely broke down. Yup, right then and there. In my little booth with people walking by. I didn’t care who was around, who saw. I bowed my head, cried, and let my heart shatter. I could’ve sworn I heard the sound of glass breaking in my head.

Almost a week later I’m obviously still in shambles – I’m a mess. I keep having dreams of when I was younger and my Lolo and Lola would take care of me. The days when I would jump into his arms, he would pick me up from school, when he’d take me to the Warehouse (old school video rental store) and I’d rent Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Chipmunks Movie, Charlie Brown Christmas, or Barbie and the Rockers. Ahhhh….to live those days when life was simpler, when all I’d need to worry about was what Lola was cooking me for lunch and learning how to read.

I know I’ve talked about this before – my passion for business comes from my parents. But really, the root of that comes from my Lolo. He worked as a business consultant for many successful businesses. Thanks to his knack for business growth, problem solving, and understanding of people he was able to take businesses where they never thought they could. I strive to be an individual so helpful to others just like he was.

This was the last photo I got to take with him. Charlie and I were so blessed and fortunate that Lolo and Lola were able to attend our wedding. They were our only set of grandparents left and to have them there to witness that amazing day with us made me the happiest bride in the world.


I love and miss you very much. You may have left this world behind, but your generosity and legacy lives on through your children, grandchildren, and everyone’s lives you have changed. Every day I spend on this Earth I will strive to be a loving wife, daughter, cousin, friend, and colleague. I will continue to live a Godly life just as you always told me I should. I will never forget everything you have taught me and only hope that I can be half the leader you were. Continue to watch over me and the rest of our family and friends. I promise, I will make you proud.


Your Apo

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