That statement pretty much sums up my week.


The past week has been a whirlwind of work, fun, and craziness. How crazy do you say? Well let’s just say that almost everyone that spent the week with me ended up sick…including me. It all started off with the Friday before Rock the Bells...(fade into flashback sequence)

Friday was quite the busy day for Charlie and I. He had work until 12:30, I had to complete some iPad orders as well as do multiple loads of laundry so I had clothes to chose from for our 5-day Vegas trip. Yes, 5 days. I was crazy to even think I could last in Vegas for 5 days, but more on that a little later. Before I knew it, it was 4:30 and we had to head over to Ninong’s.

It was a big day for our family bakery. We were blessed with the opportunity to be featured in a TV series that featured some of our most popular items, including our Ube Pancakes, Baked Scallop Dirty Dog, and Longanisa Spaghetti..to name a few. This was a huge opportunity for our little bakery and we were not going to pass it up. They were filming the entire night – all while our other company, Traklife Radio, was spinning live in front of the bakery. The people at the Friday Night Food Truck event in Granada Hills really liked the live music, and I hope it helps to grow our listener base. We’ve got a really good show on Wednesdays! A big thank you to all our friends that came to support Traklife AND Ninong’s that night and every night. We truly appreciate your support in our endeavors. Here’s DJ MikeRawk on spinning live in front of the shop. Check out all that film equipment behind him!

Charlie and I also had a cake order to complete that was due on Saturday. Since we were beyond busy, we had to complete it on Saturday morning. Thank God we made it in time! And I think it turned out beautifully. What do you think?

Sunday was our first night in Vegas. We got to meet up with some Vegas friends and so the Vegas madness began…the rest of the Assemble team got in at around 3 am. They came home to an upgraded 2 bedroom suite at the Elara, formerly known as the Planet Hollywood West Gate Towers. Monday started off at the Capsule show at the Venetian. Then party, party, party. Tuesday started our first Magic Tradeshow experience. Party, Party, Party. Wednesday was our last day to cover Magic. Finished off with a dinner at Wicked Spoon at the Cosmo hotel and party, party, party with the remaining of the team. Thursday, we hung out with a good friend, ate some great food, and flew home. The damage you ask? A group of 10 drank 6 bottles of Hennessy, 2 bottles of Ciroc, 1 bottle of Coffee Tequila, and 1 bottle of Tequila Rose. Not to mention the drinks we bought at the bars and clubs. I think we were all running on 3 hours (or less) of sleep each. So needless to say, it was quite the party weekend. (Excuse the horrid iPhone photos)

 We landed and came home on Thursday night, Charlie had work the following morning at 7 am and I got up at 6:30. So much work to catch up on. Our look book was supposed to be complete by last Wednesday. As you can see from the paragraph above, that didn’t happen. 😛 After Charlie got home from work, we reported back to Ninong’s, cooked some Ube Funnel Cake, Ube Pancakes, and made smoothies all weekend. AND, to top it all off it was Charlie’s birthday on Saturday. So we had some of our friends and family come by for a BBQ at our house. All before I got sick on Sunday. I think my body is begging for some rest and relaxation, which is what I plan to do for the rest of the week.

To be honest, August has been one of the most grueling months. I haven’t been this tired since our wedding. But has it been worth it? HELL YES. I wouldn’t trade any of these experience for the world. It’s a step toward improvement, toward growth, toward success and I say it’s worth it. I know it may be hard, I know it might ask for everything I can give (and then some), I know that I’m entering uncharted territory, but it’s okay. I’m excited, I’m enthusiastic, I’m optimistic, and I’m grateful.

So let’s cheers to Monday (not with alcohol, with tea lol), that this week will be even better than the last. And that’s pretty tough to top!


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