Doing 5 Things at Once

I’m sure you guys have felt that feeling before. You know, wishing you were able to clone yourself so you could be in 5 places at once. With reality sinking in that cloning isn’t an option for me I tried to master the art of major multitasking. 😛 I was pretty good at it, until I realized that being a director, coordinator, designer, baker, cook, bookkeeper, and manager just wasn’t something I wanted to do any more. Sure it was possible, but I was tired – mentally and physically. Most of the nights during that time I could barely sleep through the night because I kept remembering and thinking about the things that I didn’t get to take care of. And when I was awake, you can see me trying to do everything at the same time: cooking, designing, emailing, promoting… Then1 day, it hit me.

It was 1 night when I was cooking dinner. I always like the feeling of having dinner ready when Charlie gets home, which is almost never nowadays. I was chopping vegetables, sauteing garlic and onions, and cooking rice all while trying to take calls, answer emails, quality control and listen to our Traklife Radio show, respond to texts, and take photos of our cases. Are you wondering if I burned dinner? Luckily no, but by the time I finished cooking Charlie was home for a long while, and I didn’t even finish any of the things I was working on. Everything was half done. It just dawned on me that day that if I just stopped trying to do everything at once and just focus on getting things done one at a time I would probably get things done faster and the quality would be much more superior. I know, I’m a slow learner and I always tend to learn the hard way. Hopefully you can give me credit for admitting I have a multitasking problem. 🙂

So here I am, in the present day trying to do things one at a time. Is it working? Let’s just say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. 🙂 But I’m trying!

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