We Added a new Member to the Family!

Charlie and I have been going back and forth about the idea since Feb. of this year. At the end of the year, I was devastated when some of my awesome roommates had to move out of our little home. We’re a family, and seeing the little birdies fly from the nest was hard for me. I missed talking to them when they were home, having dinner together, hanging out on the weekends, seeing them all the time….You name it, I missed it. But the hardest part was for our pup Baxter. He had a nice little pack that came along with our roomies, 3 lady dogs to be exact. They were all buddies and then in one fell swoop, BAM! They were gone. Baxter hasn’t been the same ever since. He was more clingy, he cried even louder when we’d come home. He’d scratch on the door to try to get inside. We knew he felt lonely. But were Charlie and I ready to make a commitment to taking care of a second dog? I wanted to give it some time and think about it. Then on Saturday, my cousin and my aunt found a cutie that was up for adoption!

Say hello to Evee and Baxter

Evee is the new addition to our family. I’m excited to get her acquainted with her surroundings, and make her feel at home. 2 terriers in the house is going to be a challenge, though, that’s for sure. But for Baxter to have a companion and to be able to have a new pup in our lives surpasses all the challenges we’re going to face! Welcome home, Evee!

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