Being Blindsided

It’s been a long week to say the least and I’ve still got 3 days to go. Things have been changing in the Ortega household and I’ve been trying to make adjustments as best I can. So far, I’m surviving. My energy is still pretty high, I’m working longer hours, and I’ve definitely been challenged to push myself harder to achieve my goals. I talked last week on my Facebook and Twitter that things are slowly shifting in my personal and professional career. And today, I think I’m ready to talk about it.

2011 was our year of growth – Charlie and I bought our first home, we got married, and we decided that we would establish CO. That year was such a turning point in our lives, so much change went on at the same time. It was actually really hard to find normalcy. We sacrificed a lot last year because we were dedicating our lives to growing personally. At the end of 2011, I dubbed 2012 the year of change – change in our professional lives, continuing personal growth, and really pursuing our business. In the first 4 months of 2012, the change absolutely blind-sided me.

I am so unbelievably thankful for everything that has happened so far. Professionally, I am slowly growing and changing into the business woman that I’ve always wanted to be. In January, I decided to begin working as a freelance designer for various companies. Freelance has always been a dream of mine and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do it now. CO has been growing and morphing into a company I never even thought it could be. It’s surreal to see it taking shape right in front of my eyes. With more hard work and time, I think CO will be exactly where it needs to be.

The hardest part of these past few months: letting go.  The best advice I can give to anyone is taking control doesn’t mean you HAVE control. I’m definitely learning that this year. I thought that I knew how I was going to control CO and where I wanted to take the company. I thought I knew what I wanted, but no matter how hard I tried the pieces weren’t fitting into the puzzle. I had no restraint, I didn’t know my limit, and because of that everything suffered. Then, I just let go. Don’t ask what made me do it, but I just did. When I did, it seemed like the pieces that wouldn’t fit just weren’t as important and the pieces that did fit were being put in the right place at the right time. Ironic as it is, God has pushed me to this direction as much as I’ve been trying to pull back. I wanted to ignore the signs and just keep pushing for what I thought was the right thing. But every time I tried to pull, God just kept putting me back. Now that I’m here, and I’m letting him lead it’s the best feeling in the world.

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