In a Nutshell – My Design Style

My design style has really mimicked my personal life in so many ways – it’s been everywhere. But this past year has really pushed me to define my style and aesthetic. I’ve learned so much about myself and that has helped me narrow down what I find visually appealing. I took a hiatus and stuck to brand conceptualizing for many years. Part of this was due to lack of confidence, trying out different career paths, etc. But since I started designing again I found that trying to do anything and everything was doing nothing but holding me down. I knew I needed to sit down and do some thinking. What is my design style? Ask me yesterday, and I wouldn’t even begin to tell you. This needed to be fixed PRONTO!

So, I sat and looked at all my old work. Work that I was proud of, and work that I didn’t want to look at ever again. And I realized that my design style is a representation of me and my personality.

  • Bold colors
  • Strong typography
  • Simple and clean
  • Less is more
  • Textures
  • Personalized
This is the kind of design I love! Every piece is a direct reflection of my client’s personality. It’s something that may not be “in style” but is something that my clients love because it screams character.


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