Art is in the Details

I love art because of the details. Everything in an art piece is carefully placed, positioned, and no portion goes unattended. Everything has purpose, whether it be the focal point, the negative space, or the color choices.

Our friend Aileen is our “free spirited” friend. She lives for adventure, doesn’t let anything stop her from dreaming and making it happen, and wants to see the world with her own 2 eyes. She’s one of the most optimistic, fun-loving, and beautiful people I know. While she was touring Asia, Charlie and I were lucky enough to get these beautiful business card holders from Arch Collection. They were hand-crafted and the detailed woodwork on these pieces are absolutely breathtaking. She knew that these would be perfect for us!

I love these so much business card holders for 2 reasons:

1. Because it’s a thoughtful gift from someone we love.

2. Because of the detail.

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