Reviving the Blog – Life Update

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it my blog friends! So much has changed to say the least. We’re currently going through a pandemic, I was pregnant, had a beautiful baby…you know, no big deal. 😝

I’ve had so many things that I’ve wanted to create content for – share it on Instagram, share it on YouTube, etc. but haven’t had time to create a video for it. Plus, now that I’m a mom I just have less and less time to record videos and edit them. Alternatively, here I am in my bedroom. Micah and Charlie are asleep. I’m awake and am looking for a way to journal all the things I’ve learned, experienced, and felt during this crazy time in my life.

I have so many things I want to share! But I have to keep telling myself, “One story at a time, Kissa. One story at a time.”

For today I just want to say I’m here, and I’m back. I’m a different person than I was 2 years ago. I can’t wait to share more of myself.


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