You’re a mix of emotions right now. I know, I feel you. It’s that first moment when your business idea hits you.

I have something to offer.
I can make my own money. 
I can start a business.

YES, you can, and it’s so exciting!

So you make the decision, you muster up the courage, and you get ready to take the first step…

But what is the first step?

What paperwork do I need to file?
How will I promote my products or services?
Do I need insurance?
Is my domain name available?
How much does it cost to start a business?

Entrepreneur life is not always glitz and glamour, a flexible schedule, and working in pajamas. This will probably be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but also the most rewarding. It might seem impossible to start a new business to some but if it was easy, then everyone would do it. But I’m here to tell you that starting and building a successful business is possible – with a plan.

Take it from me. I started my first business when I was 19 years old. Since then, I’ve started 7 businesses, four of which I am still running to this day. And counting! I’ve helped many people start and grow their businesses. Now, I want to help YOU with YOUR BUSINESS IDEA through my private coaching program: The Entrepreneur Life Intensive

During 6 individualized sessions, I will help you identify the business model that would work best for your idea, file the necessary paperwork for your type of business, create a business plan, and develop a marketing plan. On top of that we’ll also cover:
– Business concept, feasibility, and profitability
– Initial investment
– COGS, expenses, and pricing strategies
– Business licensing and government-required paperwork
– Business planning and 3 year projects
– Marketing plan

As an entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in a wide variety of businesses, I can hold your hand through this process and show you exactly what needs to get done and when. The best part is that your first session is free. Yes, you read that right. FREE. I am fully confident that I can help you achieve clarity and make progress but as a new entrepreneur, you need to do your due diligence and ensure that I’m the person that can help you turn your idea into a viable business. In the first session, we’ll get to know each other, talk about your product or service, and get to the root of your business – your why. Why are you starting this business? What is your business all about? What are your goals? Are you willing to take the risks?

Starting a business is tough which is why this intensive isn’t going to be easy. After every session, you’ll have a list of action items to complete before the next session but I won’t waste your time. I’ve gone through this process over and over again and every day during this initial phase is an opportunity for you to move mountains! I will be your guide, your coach, and your accountability partner so that every step you take will be progress towards making your business idea a reality.

So are you ready? Let’s do this!

6 sessions for $500