Tips for Travel Planning

Charlie and I are leaving for Washington DC next week! Though I’ve been to DC as a kid I barely remember a thing, and Charlie has never been. Traveling as adults is such a different thing for me, especially to places I’ve never been before. As a kid all I have to do is pack up my things and go!      1. Transportation, sights, and the area. As an adult with no one responsible… Read More »Tips for Travel Planning

Foodie Friday – Oahu Hawaii Edition

I always say, the best way to experience a new place is through their food scene. Eat at places you’ve never been before, try food that you haven’t tasted, and ask the locals where they like to eat! When we go to Hawaii we have our list of places to try and things to eat while we’re there. We’ve tried a bunch of places and have every intention to try more we go to Oahu.… Read More »Foodie Friday – Oahu Hawaii Edition

Coming Home from Vacation – Time to Reset!

We took a red eye flight from Hawaii back to LA yesterday – we arrived at 5 am, went home, rested for a couple hours, drove to Oxnard a food show, then straight to work. 😪 We were still pretty tired but the red eye flight helped, it was my first time pretty much sleeping all the way through a flight. If you’re not good with airplane rides I can’t recommend red eye flights enough!… Read More »Coming Home from Vacation – Time to Reset!