Minimalistic October Plan with Me

Goes to show how I’ve been so off my blogging game! I posted my October Plan with Me video almost a week ago and I never went onto the blog…smh. Now that I’ve been using a digital planner for over 6 months I can safely say I’m never going back. As much as I love paper this is just too great to go back lol! I actually decided on this design because I just couldn’t… Read More »Minimalistic October Plan with Me

Notability vs. Goodnotes Review

I thought I’d weigh in on 2 popular journaling apps. From what I know these are the top 2 annotation/journaling apps out there for the iPad at the moment. I wanted to give you a list of pros and cons of each and then weigh in on which one I prefer to use. But first, let’s talk about what I use these apps for so the pros and cons will make a bit of sense. … Read More »Notability vs. Goodnotes Review

August 2018 Goal Setting

Honestly, I’m sitting here on the day that I’m supposed to post this and have no idea what my goals for this month are. Let’s be real, I don’t always have it all together. Heck, I rarely have my life under control. I set goals and sometimes I accomplish them, sometimes I don’t. This month, I just have a block. And since we’re being honest, I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel like being… Read More »August 2018 Goal Setting