Today, I’m Sad

I have to put a pause on my scheduled 30 day blogging challenge because…well because I just have to. But before we talk about why I want to talk about something else. I was taught that you should always respect people. And I’m a firm believer that everyone has my respect unless you prove many times over that you don’t deserve it. That’s just the way I am, it was how I was raised. But… Read More »Today, I’m Sad

Best Day of My Life – Wedding Anniversary

7 years ago today, best day of my life. That’s all I need to say about it. Hubs, thank you for choosing me. That day was everything I dreamt it would be. These 14 years have been full of ups and downs, but the constant up has been you. Thank you for being my everything. With all my heart,

Best Friends are Hard to Come By

This blog has been silent for the past couple weeks. I just couldn’t get myself to write anything. I’ve been thinking about why, and I think it’s been because every time I write something it seems to make things concrete, more real. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to face the fact that this is now our reality. See 2 weeks ago, I lost my best friend. Best friends are so hard to come by. My… Read More »Best Friends are Hard to Come By