Ninong’s 10 Year Anniversary – The LA Food Scene Part 3

Tomorrow, Ninong’s celebrates its 10 years of existence. God, help me put this into words. For once, I just don’t know what to say lol! You’d be surprised how many times I’ve tried to write this post. I’ve been trying to find a way to correctly articulate the emotions I feel, the things I’ve realized, and the future of what life as a Filipino-American will be like. It ties into the history of our restaurant… Read More »Ninong’s 10 Year Anniversary – The LA Food Scene Part 3

Family Photos

I had a customer ask why I had pictures of family on the wall instead of celebrities that have eaten at our family restaurant lol! Though I value every customer, celebrity or not, when you walk through the door my family is who deserves to be up on that wall. I want them to be one of the first things you see. We’ve struggled, tried, learned, and grew together. Mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend… Read More »Family Photos

The Los Angeles Food Scene Part 2 – Social Media

So let me lay the land for you a little bit, set the landscape of what it was like in Los Angeles 10 years ago. 2008 was quite the transitional time where the Information Age was really just beginning to be for everyone. The first iPhone was released a year before, cell phones started becoming more than just devices to call people with, and cell phone data plans were starting to become part of the… Read More »The Los Angeles Food Scene Part 2 – Social Media